Ask your server about our selection of liqueurs & whiskys

Crème Brulee

Classic vanilla bean

Chocolate Oblivion

Flourless chocolate cake served with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce & crème Anglaise

Fruit Crisp of the day

Served warm with vanilla ice cream & caramel

Birthday Cake Semi-freddo

Layers of confetti cake & ice cream with confetti crumb and caramel

Dessert Special

Please ask your server

Blueberry Tea

Grand Marnier, Amaretto, black tea, sugared rim

Monte Cristo

Grand Marnier, Kahlua, coffee, sugared rim, whipped cream

Spanish Coffee

Kahlua, brandy, coffee, sugared rim, whipped cream

Irish Coffee

Irish whisky, sugar cube, coffee, sugared rim, whipped cream

Caribbean Coffee

Spiced rum, caramel, coffee, sugared rim, whipped cream

B52 in a Snowbank

Kahlua, Bailey's, Grand Marnier espresso & vanilla ice cream

Coffee (regular or decaf)

Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Hot Chocolate

Teas, Herbals & Rooibos (loose leaf)

Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Chamomile, Peppermint, Orange-Spice Rooibos